Cemetrim is designed and engineered for Drywall,
which outperforms 
other crown mouldings in the industry
by not expanding or contracting - eliminating unsightly seams.

Easy to install, Cementitious Coated

See for

A room is installed by most anyone with our proprietary TRU-Align System™, a notched trowel and a sponge. Simple; apply joint compound and adhere to the wall and ceiling.

Cemetrim requires no special miter cuts, no special tools, no fasteners, and no caulking. 

1 Minute 

crown moulding;
t makes you feel good, takes any room from ordinary to breathtaking with a distinguished look and
enhances the resale value of your home.

So why is Crown Moulding not found in the majority of our homes?

PROBLEM 1 – High Cost of Labor

Difficult to Cut and Install = Advanced Skillset

SOLUTION – Easy Installation

Cemetrim can be installed by most anyone with our one piece pre-mitered inside and outside corners for a seamless finish. Cemetrim is installed with a simple "Drywall Compound" and requires NO special tools, fasteners, adhesives or equipment.

PROBLEM 2 – Unsightly Seams

Expansion and Contraction = Separating Seams & Joints

SOLUTION – NO Unsightly Seams

Cemetrim is engineered with a lightweight core that encompasses a smooth Cementitious Finish that will not expand and contract like wood does, so seams and joints stay together.

Your time is NOW…

Update the Look and Feel of Your Rooms

Installing Crown Moulding in your room has never been easier or more affordable.  Cemetrim makes it possible to add crown mouldings to your rooms for 30-50% less than you’d pay using home improvement contractors. Cemetrim is a cementitious-coated moulding that is lightweight and requires no special equipment, fasteners or power tools. We provide one piece pre-mitered inside and outside corners to make installation fast and easy. It’s the best home improvement’ you can make, for the cost, turnaround time, and the overall feeling of your room within your home. Best of all…  a 12' foot by 12' room can be installed within hours, not days.

“It’s the crowning glory of interior design: stylish overhead molding that adds architectural character while producing a visual separation between the walls and the ceiling” – bobvila.com, Bob Vila

“It makes a space feel secure, balanced, sturdy, and well-constructed- not to mention, it’s beautiful. It’s definitely an aesthetic element that contributes to the integrity of a home.” - Rooms for Tuesday, Sarah Gibson

“Crown molding is an excellent home improvement project because it creates a classic, elegant accent wherever you decide to install it. And it provides real aesthetic value to your home for many years to come.” - HomeAdvisor.com

“Homeowners often feel like they need to wallpaper or paint a bold color to make the room stand out, but crown molding can do the job just as well, if not better.” - HOUSEtipster.com

“THE UNSUNG HEROES of traditional home interiors, crown moldings are key pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that is a complex room. Originally made from marble or plaster, they've been part of the classical-decorating toolbox since ancient times” - The Wall Street Journal, Steve Garbarino


Dining Room - Crown Moulding with Coffered Ceiling

Crown moulding gives any room an upscale elegance. It can transform something simple and basic into something amazing and wonderful to view.

Our Most Popular Styles
Lightweight Cementitious Coated Crown Mouldings


Components: 96” length mouldings, one piece Pre-Mitered corners, and end caps.
- weighs less than one pound per linear foot
Tru-Align System: Proprietary moulding alignment system 
Profiles: 4 Standard Profiles. Available in 4 ¾” and 6” reveals.

Use: Interior 

Installation Adhesive: All-purpose Drywall Joint Compound, manufactured by others.

Substrates: Gypsum Wall Board, Cement Board, Plaster Walls.
Cleanup: Sponge clean with warm water and wipe dry.

Installation References: ACS970, ACS971 ACS974

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